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The Project


APPRODIFrom Ancient Maritime Routes to Eco-Tourist Destinations is a European project about the promotion and valorization of five ancient harbor sites within the Adriatic-Ionian area:
Corfù – Greece | Dubrovnik – Croatia | Durres – Albania
Ortona – Italy | Venice – Italy
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The APPRODI Project stems from the need to exploit all the unused potential of the ancient harbor sites for economic growth by turning them into ecotourism destinations.

In the past, all the involved territories hosted significant ancient harbors. Nowadays, similar destinations are often considered scarcely attractive for tourists and quite useless to cities’ development. Additionally,there’s always an insufficient involvement of community actors in cultural heritage valorization.
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Project Stages

The main activities carried out by each of the five project partners can be divided in three stages:

Researches on the existing historical documents to broaden the knowledge on cultural, historical and archaeological heritage linked to the ancient maritime routes of the Adriatic-Ionian sea and the five harbors

Preliminary studies about the ancient maritimes routes between the five harbors led to the establishment of 5 pilot case areas for on-ground work, such as archeological excavations and underwater investigations.

Increase the popularity of the 5 pilot case, often unknown or difficult to access, through better transnational marketing initiatives to help increase the awareness and interest in the ancient harbors as outstanding ecotourism destinations in the ADRION area


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The history of the island is closely associated with St. Spyridon, the patron Saint of ...
12 December
Corfù - Greece
The Albania Dance Meeting-Festival is an annual and the only dance festival in Albania. The ...
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Few days ago Maritime museum hosted the presentation of the pilot project and the press tour as a part of APPRODI, organised by DURA and aimed at historic and geo-archeological research of medieval breakwater Kaše in the context of Old port of Dubrovnik. Mia Hrnić from DURA introduces the attendants with the general goals and

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Every year, Ortona hosts the so-called “Sagra degli Antichi Sapori”: a culinary festival dedicated to the traditional dishes of the town. This event attracts a large number of visitors who have the opportunity to taste a series of typical fish and meat recipes. The festival also features a series of shows, live concerts and medieval

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